The Healing Trauma Podcast website displayed on a laptop beside a vase of flowers

The Healing Trauma Podcast

The Healing Trauma Podcast was created to help understand trauma and how to heal from it. Monique features many trauma experts and survivors to offer hope for the healing journey. Tune into The Healing Podcast to hear more.

Strategic Goals

A trauma-informed coach who wanted to revamp her website to better reflect her passion and expertise. Formerly using Squarespace, the goal was to simplify and streamline all the tools into one place so that the client could manage all her online assets on her own. The Key Requirements were a one-page website with just the basic information (that grew quickly!) the ability to customize as needed and the option to add features when the time was right.

The Healing Trauma Podcast

Project Highlights

In the process of optimizing the online presence, several strategic changes were made. Firstly, transitioning from Squarespace to WordPress provided a more versatile and customizable platform. Additionally, an effort was made to make the clients more manageable by consolidating domain names, hosting, and various other tools such as branded emails and her email marketing platform. These changes were aimed at helping the client feel more comfortable with managing her technology tools.

The website transformed not only to resonate with the client’s audience but also to authentically represent the person behind the business. This involved streamlining content, particularly testimonials and offerings, to strike a balance between showcasing impact and ensuring a user-friendly experience. The layout and formatting were revamped for improved readability. Emphasizing brand building, special attention was given to highlighting the client’s successful podcast.

In addition, the setup and integration of the client’s growing email subscriber list with her Email Service Provider (ESP) was completed ensuring an efficient communication channel. Lastly, the shift from Google Workspace email integration on Squarespace to a self-hosted email account represented a strategic decision aimed at gaining greater control, increased autonomy, and cost savings.

Beautiful website created by Sharon. She understood the feel I was looking for. Sharon is very detailed and has a great eye for design. She is also kind, very patient, and professional. Her technical skills have been a huge help to me as a coach.

Monique Koven

The Healing Trauma Podcast website mobile responsive with cherry blossoms around it
Healing Trauma Podcast website on a tablet
The Healing Trauma Podcast website on Mac desktop
The Healing Trauma Podcast website on laptop beside a vase with plants
The Healing Trauma Podcast website mobile responsive with a paper crane
Healing Trauma Podcast website on a tablet

What transpired…

We focused on the client’s immediate needs knowing that her website could grow with her. We set achievable goals, kept within a budget, and invested only in tools that would transform her business. Simplicity and streamlining are the ultimate goals when you want to improve your productivity and peace of mind while managing your technology.

Receptive clients + trusting service provider = LOVE match.