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Key Metrics for Website Analysis when using Google Analytics

10 key metrics to monitor in Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides a wealth of data to help you understand your website's performance and user behaviour. Explore 10 key metrics that are crucial for informed decision-making and performance optimization. From user engagement and traffic sources to conversion...
HTTP Response Codes

Glossary of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Response Codes

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) response codes are three-digit numbers that provide information about the status of a web page or request. These codes help in communication between web servers and browsers, ensuring smooth browsing experiences for users.  Classes...
Sustainable web hosting with GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks: Sustainable Web Hosting For Eco-Conscious Websites

With the multitude of websites powering many businesses today, we need to do our part in prioritizing environmentally-friendly practices. We play a crucial role in our choices for a greener world in our daily lives but why not include these practices for our...