With over 24 years of work experience I have a lot of skills up my sleeve. What I knew about myself too was that I was more of an implementer than a manager so to speak. I always feel a greater sense of accomplishment when I get something done – big or small. Over the last decade, my job comprised of very short term or “mini” projects that were to be completed daily and on very short timelines. It could be stressful at times but I realized that not everyone can work on a myriad of tasks for numerous clients with quick turnaround times. But, I knew these combined skills could be so valuable as a virtual support professional. Working for different clients also meant that I get to wear a lot of hats, figuratively speaking, and I get to put my hand in a lot of cookie jars!

So, I founded Digital Marketing by Design with the aim of assisting clients who needed administrative or technical assistance in their business. Combining these to areas allowed me to utilize all the digital marking and technical skills I had acquired over the years. I am happy to roll up my sleeves and get things done. I am more than happy to tackle any task that helps my clients check things off their To-Do List and get on with the business of running their business or doing what they are best at. The icing on the cake is that this not only meant helping those who lived near me. Being virtual means that I can assist those who live across the globe or even just in a different time zone.


Small businesses go through various stages, from the start-up phase and being a company of one to growing a team. Some may be quite well-established and ready to scale up but, oftentimes the support businesses need do not fit their budget or they may no longer be readily available. That’s where we step in.

We will assist you in whatever stage of growth you may be experiencing. As a freelance Virtual Support Professional, I offer customized digital marketing and administrative support services. We support small to medium businesses and entrepreneurs who are not able to hire full-time staff but who could really use the extra hands. As an online service provider, we provide this assistance to you allowing you to sustain your growth and keep your business running smoothly. More importantly, we want to help you and your business to keep moving forward.


As a professional with a lot of technical experience I offer support in many areas. I really enjoy front-end web development but my specialty is email marketing. This strong focus simply comes from years of experience as an HTML coder and developer.

As a Email Marketing Specialist in the corporate world, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many great clients in the banking, telecommunications, retail and many other exciting market sectors. This resulted in collaborating on some awesome email campaigns and very successful loyalty programs. The variety of work has allowed me to develop a wide range of experiences from database management and mailing lists to a love for graphic design and Photoshop!

I am also an experienced professional with many digital marketing and administrative skills. Having worked as a Business Consultant for an Investment Software company you will find some of the hardest-to-please clients in the financial investment industry. This translates to excellent communication skills and top notch client services skills!

What else have I done? As a former Quality Assurance Analyst, you can also feel confident that the tasks set out for me will be completed to the highest standards and quality. My level of detail-orientation can only come from someone who has tested many software applications and run many tests! I will ensure the end result is perfection.


As a graduate of the University of Toronto, I earned my Honors Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology so I love learning about people and what makes them tick. But, I also developed a love for marketing and technology. These two areas began to intersect my career path through many years of Continuing Education.

Most recently, I completed post-graduate studies in Digital Marketing Management at Humber College and studied Internet Management & Web Design at Sheridan College as well. I couldn’t be happier to have taken these paths. Today I am focused on building my business and learning many new digital tools. This way I can be an effective implementer in my client’s business make my mark in the digital world.


All work and no play is, well, just not healthy! I find my creative outlets in taking photographs and creating marketing materials or cards with Canva! There is so much in life that I want to learn. I’ll keep adding to my skill set every day.

While educational pursuits often consume me, I do enjoy outdoor pursuits when I can pull myself away from my laptop. I love tennis and hope to be back on the courts in the summer time. I’m a fair-weather friend when it comes to running. I’ve sporadically completed 3 half marathons over the past 13 years. My motivation is to set some new running and fitness goals this year. I want to get back on track to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Travel is always on my agenda. I would love to explore more of the diverse country that has molded me to the person I am today. CANADA, what a beautiful place to be!


My goal with starting Digital Marketing by Design was mainly to achieve a greater work-life balance. But, I also know I will live a happier life without giving up career or family. Providing services remotely allows the freedom to structure my life and purpose around what is meaningful and fulfilling to me. I can help others solve their daily problems, virtually, wherever I may be!

Finding that balance is still key and it all starts here. Feel free to drop me a line if you would like to connect or chat about the possibilities of working and achieving that work-life balance together.

Sharon King, Digital Marketer