Karen Sue-A-Quan Coaching website displayed on a laptop beside a vase with a big leaf plant

Karen Sue-A-Quan Coaching

A spiritual life coach who struggled with technology and was unable to get her coaching business online and be visible.

Strategic Goals

A spiritual life coach who wanted to get her website beyond the “Under Construction” page struggled with technology before deciding to take the leap and get help! Formerly hosting on WordPress, the goal was to simplify and streamline all the tools into one place so that the client could manage all her online assets on her own.

Karen Sue-A-Quan Coaching

Project Highlights

The project’s key requirements revolved around creating a website that incorporated her existing branding. Central to this was the integration of a simple and straightforward Member Login feature, enabling private access to exclusive content for paid members. Karen also need a platform to facilitate payments for subscribers to her online content through the integration of a secure payment gateway. To facilitate the client’s goal of expanding her email list, we seamlessly integrated an Email Service Provider, empowering her to efficiently nurture and grow her subscriber base.

In the process of optimizing her online presence, we made a shift to self-hosting aimed to gain more control and autonomy over our website. But, we retained the domain registrar with WordPress. As part of enhancing her professional image, personalized emails were created for her coaching business, providing a distinct separation between personal and business communication. Finally, we reviewed the crucial aspect of managing and maintaining the investment made in a website, recognizing it as an ongoing process that requires attention and care to ensure lasting success.

This SOUL SCHOOL SISTERHOOD could not be possible without the incredible help of my web designer Sharon King of Digital Marketing by Design. With her efficiency, practicality, and creative visual eye, Sharon created a BEAUTIFUL WEBSITE for me. Asking for technological help from her has been one of the best decisions that I have made this year!!! Sharon removed the pain of technology so that I could focus on the creative and visual elements of the materials that I have put together over the years to help others.

Karen Sue-A-Quan

Karen Sue-A Quan Life Coaching on a mobile phone
Karen Sue-A Quan Spiritual Life Coach website displayed on a Mac desktop
Karen Sue-A Quan Life Coaching
Karen Sue-A Quan Spiritual Life Coach website layout
Karen Sue-A Quan Spiritual Life Coach website layout
Karen Sue-A Quan Spiritual Life Coach website layout

Our collaborative approach…

Selecting the appropriate font is a critical decision that significantly influences the overall visual appeal and readability of your content. The careful consideration of font styles, sizes, and spacing not only enhances the aesthetics but also plays a pivotal role in effectively conveying your message. A thoughtfully chosen font contributes to the identity of your brand or project, creating a lasting impression on your audience. In essence, the journey of choosing the right font extends beyond mere aesthetics; it’s a strategic step towards crafting a visually engaging and communicative experience.

Content is king. A lot of great content makes for good online marketing and search engine optimization as well.

Integrating third-party products with your website can be challenging, and choosing the right solutions for your business may involve making adjustments to ensure seamless integration.

With a self-hosted website, you have more control over your online assets.

A valuable lesson learned during this journey is that technology, though initially intimidating, becomes more manageable with guidance and a deeper understanding of your website’s mechanics. When technology is not your friend, leave it to an experienced professional who can take the overwhelm away.

There is so much we can learn from each other!