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Red Canoe Renovations

An already thriving renovation and construction business, despite its success, lacked an online presence. Recognizing the importance of establishing a digital footprint, the company sought to provide potential clients with easy access to information about their services while projecting a polished and professional image.

Strategic Goals

In the initial phase of the client’s brand-building journey, priority was given to crafting a distinctive logo, a visual emblem designed for brand recognition and synonymous with a well-established presence. Shortly thereafter, a corresponding branded website was developed, ensuring a consistent and cohesive brand presence across various marketing channels, including Instagram and Facebook.

Red Canoe Renovations for  custom millwork and home construction needs

Project Highlights

The highlight was the client’s excitement with his new logo which he was able to apply on new headgear and apparel for his team. This not only enhanced the team’s professional appearance but also solidified the company’s brand as a reputable and trusted source for customers’ construction needs.

An important part of the website was the need for a portfolio to showcase the various types of construction work that the company was capable of. Lance also wanted to highlight his millwork skills and the site to reflect on his days framing cottages in the Muskokas that he is so fondly tied to.

An integral part of the website design was incorporating a portfolio section, essential for showcasing the diverse range of construction projects the company excelled in. Lance also wanted to highlight his exceptional millwork skills and wanted to blend the site with the essence of his earlier days spent framing cottages in the Muskokas—a nostalgic connection close to his heart.

I absolutely love the logo, I love that we went against my instincts and kept it simple. You made the process easy and are an absolute pleasure to work with. We will definitely be working together in the future. So I will be in touch soon… thank you again for being awesome.

Lance Burden

Red Canoe Renovations custom home build construction website
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structural, cosmetic construction, renovations website on mobile phone
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Red Canoe Renovations for your renovation and custom millwork needs
Red Canoe Renovations home design and construction website
Red Canoe Renovations for your renovation and custom millwork needs website on a laptop
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What transpired…

We focused on the client’s immediate needs knowing that her website could grow with her. We set achievable goals, kept within a budget, and invested only in tools that would transform her business. Simplicity and streamlining are the ultimate goals when you want to improve your productivity and peace of mind while managing your technology.

Receptive clients + trusting service provider = LOVE match.