Admiral AntiViral Cleaning and Disinfection Services website on a laptop

Admiral AntiViral

The client already had a well-established cleaning business, Admiral AntiViral was established in 2020 to enhance our service offering in light of the recent pandemic. They felt the need was great to ensure our community’s health and safety and to help them take steps to protect themselves and those they employ.

Strategic Goals

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the client’s cleaning and disinfection services and products were in very high demand. She needed a website, business cards and marketing collateral that she could share with her customers so that she could alleviate some of the questions and phone calls and enhance the efficiency of her communication with clients.

Admiral AntiViral website on Squarespace

Project Highlights

The client chose Squarespace for her website and wanted to include information about the importance of cleaning and disinfection as it pertains to the pandemic as well as share products that would go hand in hand with their service.

They also wanted to highlight their COVID-19 Response Strategy as well as the importance of Deep Cleaning & Disinfection – all the information that would help businesses and staff stay safe while navigating the uncertainty of the pandemic.

The website extended the brand presence of Admiral Janitorial, their cleaning business, by incorporating consistent elements such as colors and the logo from their existing branding.

Admiral AntiViral Real Cleaning Solutions flyer
Admiral AntiViral Cleaning and Disinfection Services-business cards front and back
Admiral Antiviral Electrostatic Disinfecting flyer
Admiral AntiViral Real Cleaning Solutions website
Admiral Antiviral Electrostatic Disinfecting flyer
Admiral AntiViral email marketing mobile phone

What transpired…

We focused on the client’s immediate needs knowing that it would be evolving with the rapidly changing times and events. We set achievable goals and invested time and energy in sharing information and helping communities stay safe. Recognizing that these efforts, coupled with a commitment to adaptability would be pivotal in navigating the evolving landscape.