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Eugénie Eckler Realtor

An Oakville-based realtor whose website had grown into a Frankenstein of a website but, who also realized that her current online presence no longer aligned with her goals and vision. While the budget was small, the impact was great. 

Strategic Goals

Redesign Eugénie’s website so that it was more in line with her current branding and incorporated elements of Eugénie’s personality, style, and preferences. With a modest budget, the approach was to make improvements in phases – the first being a refresh while repurposing her current content + moving to a hosting plan that would meet her growing needs!

Eugenie Eckler, Oakville-based realtor website

Project Highlights

In a strategic overhaul of her online presence, we recognized the need for a hosting upgrade to accommodate future growth. We also discontinued domain names that didn’t contribute value to her business and amounted to unnecessary expense.

On the front end, the website underwent a transformative redesign to authentically represent the person behind the brand.

To effectively showcase her skills, testimonials were strategically added to the Home and About pages, creating a balanced and impactful presentation of her expertise.

Subsequently, Google Reviews were incorporated, enhancing her credibility and expertise as a realtor.

I feel like it has taken me years to find an exceptional web developer who could actually produce what I had imagined for my site. Sharon took a lot of time flushing out exactly what it was I had in mind, not just for immediate needs but for longer aspirations from how my site could evolve. Working with her gave me peace of mind that in the end, I’d end up with a website that truly reflected me in my business. The truth is that I cannot wait to share my website with people, to sell my services as a realtor but in addition to show people who need website assistance with Sharon can do! 

Eugénie Eckler

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Eugénie Eckler, Realtor - Your Family-Focused Realtor
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What transpired…

Focus on your immediate needs and let your website grow with you (the following year, we added more images, videos and improved the user experience along with additional community pages). Simplicity and streamlining go a long way when you want to improve your productivity and peace of mind with managing your technology. Set achievable goals and invest in tools that will catapult your business.

Receptive clients + trusting service provider = LOVE match.