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Graphic Design Portfolio

With every project, I strive to bring forth unique and impactful creations that resonate with my clients and leave a lasting impression.

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Our Creative services encompass graphic design, content creation, and other marketing elements that contribute to a compelling and memorable representation of your business. We help elevate your brand’s overall aesthetic and communication to capture attention, differentiate from your competitors, and resonate with target audiences so you can build a stronger and more engaging connection.

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"Working with Sharon on this project and its completion was an absolute pleasure. Sharon is not only technically proficient, but also very patient and knowledgeable. She also knows how to listen to her client’s ideas while suggesting workable improvements to make the site easier to use and manage."

Hélène Simon

"I’m very satisfied with your services and find you very easy to work with. Very approachable, informative, and provide great feedback and ideas to my vision. Keep up the great work"

Lori Theriault

"The certificate, Facebook post, and promo card are really good. I love the ideas that you presented. I love the wording and the way you put the whole thing together. They’re perfect and all look great! Thanks for your patience, enthusiasm, and cooperation!"

Alpa Panchal

"This wonderful #Graphicartist stepped forward to donate her talents and time to create our flyers and logo! Sharon did an amazing job and was super fast!! So much to be grateful for … Thank you Sharon.”

Michelle McAuley

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Tent card (outer) >>>

RepChampion Canada Gourmet Macarons
Hand Sanitizer brochure
Outdoor Adventure Show Ballot
RepChampion Canada Gourmet Macarons

<<< Tent card (inner)

Red Canoe Renovations business cards
Lori Theriault, Travel Pro Facebook Ad for The Holy-Land
PPE personal protective equipment brochure
The Bollywood Dance Company
Admira Antiviral Electrostatic Disinfection
Lori Theriault, Travel Pro Australian Open Facebook Ad
Admiral Janitorial Certificate of Disinfection
Engel Bin Rental logo

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Web Design Portfolio

With every endeavour, I strive to bring forth unique and impactful creations that resonate with my clients and leave a lasting impression. 

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Creativity is intelligence having fun.

– Albert Einstein

I am genuinely excited to connect with you and discuss the possibilities of collaboration, shared visions, or simply exchanging ideas. Your feedback, thoughts, and insights are invaluable to me as they fuel my continuous growth and evolution as a creative professional. I thrive on meaningful connections and the opportunity to make a positive impact through my work.

Sharon King, Digital Marketing by Design