Welcome to my portfolio!

My digital marketing portfolio represents a culmination of my passion, dedication, and commitment to delivering high-quality work. Thank you for taking the time to explore my work, and I look forward to connecting with you!

With every endeavor, I strive to bring forth unique and impactful creations that resonate with my clients and leave a lasting impression. From graphic designs that communicate powerful visual messages to innovative marketing campaigns that captivate audiences, my portfolio showcases the breadth and depth of my skills and expertise.

Thank you for taking the time to explore my work. Your interest and appreciation mean the world to me. It is both humbling and rewarding to have the opportunity to share my creative journey with you. Every project has a story to tell and a purpose to fulfill, and I hope that as you explore my portfolio, you find inspiration, insight, and a glimpse into my artistic vision.

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Website Design


Beautiful website created by Sharon. She understood the feel I was looking for. Sharon is very detailed and has a great eye for design. She is also kind, very patient, and professional. Her technical skills have been a huge help to me as a coach.

Monique Koven


Eugénie Eckler, Realtor

Eugénie Eckler, Oakville Realtor with RIght and Home Realty

Bennett on Bankruptcy

Bennett on Bankruptcy

The Healing Trauma Podcast

Healing Trauma Podcast website

Karen Sue-A-Quan Coaching

Karen Sue-A-Quan Coaching website

FirstCall Response Services

FirstCall Response Services website

Red Canoe Renovations

Red Canoe Renovations

Wet Noses Getaways

Wet Noses Getaways

EcoGreen Janitorial

EcoGreen Janitorial

Marketing Collateral

Presentation {play}

Tent card (outer) >>>

RepChampion Canada Gourmet Macarons
Hand Sanitizer brochure

Marketing Collateral

Outdoor Adventure Show Ballot
RepChampion Canada Gourmet Macarons

<<< Tent card (inner)

Red Canoe Renovations business cards
Lori Theriault, Travel Pro Facebook Ad for The Holy-Land
PPE personal protective equipment brochure
The Bollywood Dance Company
Admira Antiviral Electrostatic Disinfection
Lori Theriault, Travel Pro Australian Open Facebook Ad
Admiral Janitorial Certificate of Disinfection
Engel Bin Rental logo

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

– Albert Einstein

I am genuinely excited to connect with you and discuss the possibilities of collaboration, shared visions, or simply exchanging ideas. Your feedback, thoughts, and insights are invaluable to me as they fuel my continuous growth and evolution as a creative professional. I thrive on meaningful connections and the opportunity to make a positive impact through my work.

Sharon King, Digital Marketing by Design