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We will help take away the overwhelm or anxiety you feel when working with technology and “web stuff”.

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By outsourcing the tasks that consume your valuable time and energy, our services integrate seamlessly into your everyday processes so that your business can continue to move forward. Offload the tasks that inhibit your creativity and productivity and do more of what fuels you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does a Virtual Assistant (VA) do?

Most virtual assistants are contractors or freelancers who work remotely or virtually. While Vas are typically known for handling administrative tasks similar to those of an executive assistant, this role is changing rapidly due to the many tasks a VA can handle and the varying skill sets you can find today. There are many talented and skilled individuals in the VA talent pool. You can work with one in your hometown or across the globe.

How much does it cost me to work with a VA?

Rates for VAs vary greatly and this is also dependent on the tasks required. You can expect to see rates varying rates for administrative tasks but keep in mind that clerical or administrative tasks require a vastly different skill set or expertise if you need a blog writer, graphic designer, or web developer. Rates also commensurate with experience.

How do I pay my VA?

For international clients, you will most likely be charged in U.S. dollars or the VA’s local currency, but this is dependent on the service provider you choose to work with. Some find it easier to accept a single currency for all clients while others prefer their local currency for ease of accounting. Talk to your VA to find a solution what mutually agreeable.

Will different time zones enable us to work together?

We are based in Eastern Canada and work in Eastern Standard Time (EST). As a client, you don’t need to share the same time zone as us. If the time differences do not affect your business operations, we can work together. Time differences could also be an advantage when you consider assigning a task at the end of your day and having the task completed before your business reopens. Sometimes, time zone differences can be challenging, for instance, taking care of customer support inquiries within your regular business hours when you serve a global audience. But it’s nothing that two VAs from two different time zones can’t fix!! Working with a VA means there is plenty of flexibility to suit everyone’s needs.