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In today’s virtual marketplace you can find goods and services in just about anything you are looking for. Virtual Assistants (or VAs) are no different. VAs provide a valuable service and are skilled in more than just administration. While many VAs may start off as Generalists, many branch out into services where they are most skilled. Their strengths lead them where their strengths lie.

Conduct a quick search online and you’ll likely find a VA that can help you get your project (or task) off the ground. Some VAs will take on project-based work while others may offer ongoing support for your business. Finding a VA is very much like finding an employee. Conduct a search, create a shortlist, conduct a phone and/or video interview and make an informed decision.

How are VAs different from an employee?

Many VAs do not have a resume or CV. Consider they are professionals running their own business just like you, only they are in the business of supporting YOU. Find out as much as you can about the VA you would like to work with. Visit their website or network with them online. Better yet have a conversation and discover more about this potential candidate as you would when hiring an employee.

The other difference when searching for a VA is that most clients and VAs never meet. This is simply because VAs work remotely or virtually. You could very well be working with a client or VA that is in a completely different time zone; they could essentially be located halfway around the world!

Tasked-based Virtual Assistants

Don’t assume all Virtual Assistants only take care of administrative tasks.

Speak to one today and you’ll be amazed at how much support they can provide in many areas of your business from funnel-building to email marketing.

Think Client Care

Client care is another area where Virtual Assistants can be advantageous. If you need 24-7 client care support, a VA from a different time zone can help you increase your availability to your clients or extend your client care hours.

Is your email inbox and calendar management not getting the care it needs?

If your email inbox and calendar management are taking too much of your precious time, a skilled Virtual Assistant can manage this for you. They are familiar with the applications associated with these tasks such as Google Workspace and Calendly, If you need round-the-clock support you can enlist the help of multiple Virtual Assistants to cover your needs.

Benefit #1 of working with a VA: Financial Benefits

Virtual Assistants are like an extra pair of virtual hands. They are there when you need them. They can accelerate your business by providing the support you need to sustain your growth at a critical time. Consider also the financial benefits without hiring a full-time employee. These additional costs can add up and can range from providing medical benefits to office furniture and equipment. What about all your technology need from hardware (computer or laptop) to software (Adobe Creative Cloud or other paid software)?

Outsource what you can’t and don’t want to handle

Outsourcing your administrative tasks (those tasks that you really loathe) can be the perfect money-saving solution for your business. How much time and energy are you expending taking care of admin tasks? Your time can be better spent taking care of more important tasks like running your business.

What are your top needs and budget?

Depending on your budget and needs, virtual assistance may be the perfect answer. Your needs may vary at different times. If you are a business or entrepreneur in startup mode your budget may be small. Pick and choose the tasks you wish to delegate. Then, when you are ready to scale up, outsource some more. Some VAs will take on project work while others prefer to provide ongoing support and build long-term relationships with their clients. Find the resource that fits your needs. Virtual Assistants can be a money-saving strategy for your business.

What rates do you expect to pay for the services you need?

Rates for a VA will vary greatly depending on experience and expertise. As with any product and service, shop around and do your research and you will find a VA that is perfect for you and your business goals. Remember the value each VA brings to your business and consider how that can accelerate your own growth.

Benefit #2 of working with a VA: Health benefits

Is your work-volume increasing but not your time? A Virtual Assistant will not only help you manage your workload properly but also get the jobs done. They can be good for your health! The cost savings of hiring a Virtual Assistant can be invaluable. When you consider not only the time but also the effort, you have to put in for specific tasks, a VA can do them just a well and quickly.

You really don’t have to struggle with the tasks you don’t enjoy doing.

Increase your productivity when you delegate tasks to a Virtual Assistant. They can effectively manage many tasks from Research and Data Entry to Website Management and Design for you. Even Travel Planning can take up a huge amount of time. Relieve your workload if you can afford it. It will help you in the long run.

Determine what you would like to take on or outsource

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you really have to be the Jack (or Jill)-of-All-Trades. You need to take care of most, if not all, the tasks that come with running your own business. There is the Accounting, Website Management, and Social Media, Content Writing, or Sales and Marketing. The list is endless. No-one is good at everything so you may want to pick and choose what you would like to take on and outsource the rest. Virtual Assistants can decrease your work-related stress by taking tasks off your plate. Find the tasks that cost you the most time and money and outsource that to a competent VA. I can assure you it will save you time and money in the end.

Benefit #3 of working with a VA: Experience and Expertise

Are having difficulty finding good help in your area? Did you know you have access to the best talent pool when you hire a Virtual Assistant? Virtual Assistants work remotely from all parts of the world so the world really is your oyster! VAs have specialized skills in many areas.

VA Generalists can handle many day-to-day tasks that come with running a business from Bookkeeping to Email and Calendar Management. VA Specialists, on the other hand, work on very specific tasks that you may not have the skills or knowledge to take on. Think Accounting – it may be easy when you are just starting out but can get quite complicated when you start to ramp up your business. What about Website Development or Social Media Management? Some tasks look simple enough but are invariably tricky and downright confusing to manage!

Often Virtual Assistants have worked in the corporate world in administrative roles prior to starting their own VA business. Their kills are transferable to their new role. They work as efficiently for you as they would working for an employer.

Some tasks are just were not made for everyone. Data entry or transcription, for instance, can be an arduous task and requires strong detail-orientation. Not everyone has it or the inclination to take this on. Many VAs are highly skilled to take on a task like this with accuracy and efficiency.

Working with a VA who has a specialized skill or a focused niche can be extremely beneficial. Let’s look at a VA who is familiar with working with authors and writers. They will be able to provide greater support to authors than a VA Generalist. A Generalist may not know the ins and outs of what an author needs to get their work published. The same goes for speakers and coaches. Their needs may be quite specific and unique to their business as well. A specialist can provide direction and support in this area with little training. We are all unique just as a VA’s skill set is unique.

As a business owner, you may be a master at selling yourself. But, can you do the same on paper or online? You can find many Virtual Assistants who are word savvy and are writers themselves. They can articulate what you need to say in just the right way and in less time. Or, maybe you need to sell yourself with an elegant yet simple WordPress website. It is always easier said than done. Work with a VA who knows the subject matter or task well. You will be well on your way to checking that item off your To-Do list!

Here are 12 great reasons to work with a VA or Virtual Support Professional but there are so many more. Knowing your business inside and out may give you pause to hire a Virtual Assistant. But like a hired employee, tasks may require training for the VA as well. They can just as easily learn the ropes quickly, only virtually! There are so many benefits to working with a VA. Ultimately, you will need to find the solution that works best for you and your business.

As our online world becomes increasingly vast, the Internet is also bringing us all a little closer together by way of Social Media or Online Networking. As we learn to engage online and virtually, we are also reaping the opportunity of being able to collaborate with millions of people across the globe! How awesome is that?! Regardless of where we are or how we came to be connected, it is an interesting time for all and like everything that is new, we adapt and thrive!

How we can help you adapt and thrive? Contact Us today to discover more about our services and how we can assist you in meeting your business needs.

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